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Achieved results

Results achieved after the committees are established


  • Improvement of the normative base;

Including 25 industries:

-2 law

-2 The Presidential Decree

-4 Presidential Decree

Presidential Decree

-12 Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers

The Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers has been adopted.

  • Science field;

The institute has grown industrial cultivation of fast-growing poplar, pistachio, lemon and rhino seedlings, which are related to selection of more than 10 worlds. Using water-saving innauctional analyzes (hydrogel, hydraponics, and exitro), 100 hectares of plantations are being created, such as lemon, coriander, hors d’oeuvres, shafran, cherry, lavender.

  •  Agriculture;

In the previous period, 3178 tons of fruits, 1129 tons (increase by 398%), technical and oil, 4227 tons (increase by 122%) vegetables and melons, 4326 tons (increase by 120% %), grain and legumes and 7515 tons (114% growth) of feed crops. The number of poultry farms reached 15,196 (126% increase), the number of poultry raising reached 21,887 (119% growth), 544,5 tons of fish were grown (137% increase), and the number of cattle increased to 21,712 increase by 121%).

  •  Forestry;

In the past period, 46.9 thousand hectares, of which 19.0 thousand hectares of forest were laid on the dried Aral Sea bed. Also, 362 tons of tree and shrub seeds were prepared. As a result, nurseries in the area of ​​more than 700 hectares were allocated 41,0 mln. planted seedlings and seedlings.

  •  material technical base;

Previous Period:

26 (lightweight, special van truck);
47 (excavating and processing) tractors and 1 excavator;
About 60 different aggregates and mechanisms are purchased;


  •  Medicinal herbs;

The cultivated cultivated medicinal plants have grown from 45 to 61 species. In the area of ​​1894 hectares (140.9% increase) cultivated plantations were cultivated and 4050 tons (an increase of 105.4%) was prepared.

  •  Grand direct investment;

Established partnerships with 12 international companies and 6 foreign forestry enterprises, 53 employees have been trained abroad. In addition, $ 7.2 million were attracted within 7 large projects. The industry will receive $ 15m in 2018. An agreement was signed on the introduction of three direct foreign investments in the US dollar.

  •  Personnel training and retraining;

11 training sessions and seminars were organized to improve the qualifications of 800 staff in the system. Forestry enterprises have 27 claws in the country.

  •  Reservoir and ecotourism;

In the forestry enterprises there are 5 specialized breeding centers for wildlife breeding. 300 eco-tourism passports and 15 ecosystems have been developed and deployed on Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Wikipedia.

  •  Consumer goods development;

The equipment for packing 13 woodworking (pilogama), 53 wood and 2 honey, and 2 herbal weed equipments have been created, 185 workplaces have been created and are effectively used.

  • Newly established spheres;

The SUE “Ormonqurilish” was created, which specializes in the construction of Ichata forestry.
SUE “Urmonexnoservis” was created for improvement of communication technologies and management in the sphere /
Five new forestry and 4 joint ventures were created and 220 jobs were damaged