Давлат рамзлари

Using wood


The State Forest Fund plots may be used for use by legal and natural persons.
Forest use fee is paid. The amount of payments and the order of their payment are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The use of forests can be permanent and temporary. Forestry enterprises, institutions and organizations, which have been transferred for permanent possession to the Forest Fund lands, are permanent forest users. The temporary use of the forest can be short-term – up to three years and long-term – up to ten years. The right of forest use shall be granted to legal entities and individuals by enterprises, institutions and organizations authorized by the state forestry authorities, unless otherwise established by law. Permission to use forest resources is permitted on the basis of tree cutting or forest ticket. Users of the forest shall have the right to use the plots of the State Forest Fund notwithstanding the types of forest use, which are stipulated by special permits.

Types of forest use include:
cutting of trees and shrubs;
additional forest use (harvesting of hay, feeding of cattle, placement of honeycombs and boxes, preparation of wild-growing medicinal raw materials (harvesting) and preparation of wild-growing plants for food purposes;
use of the State Forest Fund plots for the needs of hunting farms;
Use of plots of the State Forest Fund for scientific purposes;
use of the State Forest Fund plots for cultural, educational, recreational, recreational, recreational and aesthetic purposes.
Other types of forest use may also be envisaged by legislation.