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Let’s protect our green wealth from forest fires


Human life has been directly connected with the flora and fauna for thousands of years. To be more precise, it is impossible to imagine the earth, water, nature and the flora and fauna in it in isolation from human life. The mercy of the Creator to us is so incomparable that the whole being that surrounds us is not only a source of life, but also gives us the joy of beauty, living and enjoyment. The fact that the plant world alone adds life to our lives is a testament to the inextricable link between nature and social life. It is up to humanity to do the best it can to maintain these connections and ensure their eternity.

No matter how much man loves nature, no matter how much he respects it, sometimes he suffers even more than himself. For example, in different parts of the world, lightning strikes in forests due to lightning or extreme drought are causing forest fires in forests. Sometimes, due to human negligence and carelessness, thousands of hectares of forests and pastures are on fire, causing the extinction of existing flora and fauna. We all know that the origin of forest fires causes great harm to nature and humanity. This not only tarnishes the beauty of the forest, but also leads to a sharp decrease in the amount of oxygen released from it, the deterioration of soil composition, the disappearance of beneficial insects and microorganisms. Scientists estimate that more than 2 million tons of organic matter is lost to forest fires worldwide each year.

According to statistics, in 99 percent of cases, the origin of forest fires in the forests was directly due to humanity, and in the remaining 1 percent due to natural disasters.


Requirements for forestry



a) construction of fire-fighting areas, roads, mineralized fire protection strips, ditches, reservoirs, clearing forests of wood residues and other flammable materials and other forestry measures aimed at improving forest fire safety;

b) to carry out explanatory work among the population, students, employees of enterprises, organizations and institutions engaged in forest work or having facilities on the rules of fire handling and forest fires;
(c) to place warning signs and placards along widely used forest roads to warn of the need for careful handling of forest fires and liability for violations of fire safety regulations;
g) equipping public places for recreation and smoking along forest roads;
d) take measures to ensure the timely detection and elimination of fires occurring in forestry areas.


Requirements for legal entities and individuals to extinguish forest fires


Forestry and other enterprises, organizations and institutions operating in the forests or having fortifications, roads, warehouses, structures and other facilities shall immediately take measures to extinguish these fires in their own hands in the event of forest fires in the workplace, near fortifications, roads, warehouses and other facilities. have seen and are obliged to report the fire to the fire protection authority and the relevant forestry or local public authorities.
Individuals are obliged to take immediate measures to extinguish a forest fire, and if it is not possible to extinguish the fire on their own, to notify the fire protection body, forestry and police officers or local authorities.
The head of enterprises, organizations and institutions is obliged to immediately send equipment to extinguish forest fires in accordance with the decisions of local authorities at the request of forest protection staff of forestries.
Individuals involved in extinguishing forest fires shall carry out this work in accordance with the decisions of district khokimiyats under the guidance of forest protection staff, state fire control bodies and officials of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Liability for violation of fire safety regulations in forests


The above-mentioned legal entities and individuals, enterprises, organizations and institutions must comply with the general requirements of these Rules when using forests and carrying out works in forests.

As soon as a fire breaks out in the forest, they are forced to organize work and take measures to extinguish it.

Persons guilty of violating the rules of fire safety in forests shall be liable for damages to forestry.